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土曜日, 4 - 05 - 2013



WHERE DOWNLOAD?? —-> http://levelmusicmaxo.bandcamp.com/


So I’ve been working on this thing all semester where I’ve written themes for the (surprisingly) numerous places on campus at SUNY Purchase. I finished it! There are 47 places, there are 47 songs. Play Big Haus at Big Haus! Play The Hub at The Hub! Or break the rules!! I don’t care!!!

As this is the day that Level Music Purchase becomes a thing, head to the LEVEL MUSIC bandcamp on Sunday when I release it, have your internet digest it onto your computer for an optional fee and stuff it onto your mobile music dealies. Or you can just stream it, whatever works. But THEN have a walk around the campus! FOREVER! Yes yes yes it will never not be a thing after this date, which is cool!! Go to everywhere, I tried to cover all my bases! Turn your life into an RPG!!

Come to The Stood! ZINEFEAST! 1PM to 6PM!!!
I’ll be chillin with Emily Wagner at a table, and I’ll have LEVEL MUSIC PURCHASE MAPS (like a floppy paper companion) you guys can just take without paying me, which is good because you should give the 413 other artists your money for their awesome zines n prints n artz n good cheer. And I hear there are free burritos/taquitos/burquitos too in case of Cinco De Mayo, which i hear might happen Sunday as well. And speakers giving speeches! And free music, holy shit just come, what do I have to say?

There’s music during! And after! And I’m playing after! Afterfeast goes down at 6-ish I think, and I’m playing a set some time in the middle of the evening. Maybe 8? You should really just stay for the whole thing! If not though, I’ma say 8 is your best bet. And I think my good friends HUMANITE CRIME SYNDICATE will be there as well doing some X-cellent video sauce.


So LEVEL MUSIC PURCHASE is out online Sunday, I’ll be giving out free companion maps that day at The Stood at ZINEFEAST at 1PM-6PM, and then I’ll be playing a set later on that evening around 8PM in the same place! SWEET SEE YA THERE!!!!!!

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